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      4 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Steve McNiven - I've never been a regular reader of the Fantastic Four. I'm sure it's good. I've just never picked it up on a regular basis.

      But for some reason, this book appeals to me. I think I first picked it up because of the art. It reminds me of Travis Charest's stuff before he dropped off the face of the planet... but that might just be because of the coloring. Regardless, the art perfectly matches the story, which takes a more grounded look at the Fantastic Four.


      The problem with not listening to the radio is you don't hear a lot of current music. On the up side, you save yourself from a lot of crap.

      Lately I've been rediscovering albums I haven't listened to in a while... David Grey's A New Day at Midnight, Incubus' Morning View, and a plethora of the Bob Dylan Bootleg series...


      Hellboy & Punisher - Being a fan of comic books in general, I'm always worried about comic book movies. I'm worried about how they'll represent comic books. Will it be a "Batman"? Or will it be a "Batman & Robin"? Hellboy is a "Batman". It's a good represntation of the comic. (At least what I've read of it.) The Punisher is very much a "Batman & Robin."

      TV disappoints me these days... nothing good on. 24 has been a load of crap but is getting better, same with Smallville. Angel is as good and as original as it's ever been but it's cancelled. Wonderfalls never ever got a chance to get off the ground.

      The Office - I had heard good things about this series, but never watched an episode... on a whim, I picked up the first and second series DVDs. Its one of those shows that you might not love the first time you see it, but the more you watch, the more hilarious it is.

      The West Wing - Ok, I've been a fan of Sorkin ever since I started watching Sports Night. And again, while I've always heard this show was good, I've never watched it until now. This show makes civil service and politics look like fun.


      The West Wing Script Book by Aaron Sorkin - Ok, so I loved the West Wing enough to buy the script book. It's not enough that I have to listen to the words as they are spoken, I have to read them along with the show.

      The books on my one foot tall To Read stack by various - I have a habit of buying a lot faster than I'm able to read... so I have various books stacked that I have yet to read...

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