Who or What is the Digital PIMP?

Believe it or not, we get that question a lot.  Digital PIMP was founded by Joe Dunn and Phil Chan in 2003 as an outlet for the duo to make comics. (I guess you could say Digital PIMP started back in the early 90s when pre-teen Joe and Phil collaborated on terrible homemade Spider-man and Hulk comics in a misguided attempt to break into the comics industry.  But it’s probably better for everyone involved if you just forget that last fact.)  

In an effort to keep producing comics, Joe and Phil turned to the vast frontier of the Internet and posted their comics on the web, inadvertently stumbling into what would eventually be known as “webcomics”.  Shortly thereafter, they were joined by Irvsher Fabor and Kevin Gleason who created their own webcomics under the Digital PIMP umbrella.  

If you’re wondering where the name “Digital PIMP” comes from, you only have to look as far as a college aged Joe and Phil walking out of the Matrix for the first time.  Jokingly, they suggested they call their company “Digital Pimp” after the throwaway line “The digital pimp hard at work” in the movie.  They had always intended to go back and replace it with a different, better name but never got around to it and the name just kinda stuck… so here we are.  Digital PIMP.  But hey, you’re not gonna forget the name, are you?