What does a mysterious artifact, a man with a decision and a group of friends out at the movies have in common? They're all Tales from the Pimp.

Tales from the Pimp is an anthology of short stories created by Phil Chan and Joe Dunn. Whether you like comedy, suspense or drama, there's something for everyone. Available now from Digital Pimp Productions.

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Rocket had a little too much fun last night so I guess I'm going to have to drive home myself #spxyall https://t.co/s2svBHyZ6r
18 Sep 2016
Irvsher Fabor
I had previously stop watching super girl because the James/Kara thing was stupid. Finishing it up now it's actually good without that bs
26 Sep 2016
Kevin Gleason
RT @joedunn721: At the end Hillary will spin around & her pant suit will sparkle red white and blue like a dress worn by Katniss the night...
26 Sep 2016