What does a mysterious artifact, a man with a decision and a group of friends out at the movies have in common? They're all Tales from the Pimp.

Tales from the Pimp is an anthology of short stories created by Phil Chan and Joe Dunn. Whether you like comedy, suspense or drama, there's something for everyone. Available now from Digital Pimp Productions.

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Joe Dunn
I have a meeting today that I'm not really involved in it and I think I'd take a pay cut to not have to go to it.
27 Oct 2016
Irvsher Fabor
The bartender just cut off Pearl Jam to play drake...I've dealt with a lot of shit this week and this, this! Pisses me off!
27 Oct 2016
Kevin Gleason
RT @BHINDER1: Whether if I watch the Packers, #WWENoMercy, or the #debate, I'll be yelling at my TV wondering what the fuck is going on.
09 Oct 2016