What does a mysterious artifact, a man with a decision and a group of friends out at the movies have in common? They're all Tales from the Pimp.

Tales from the Pimp is an anthology of short stories created by Phil Chan and Joe Dunn. Whether you like comedy, suspense or drama, there's something for everyone. Available now from Digital Pimp Productions.

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Is glitter a "thing" in Boston? I've seen more dudes and gals covered in glitter than I've ever seen before
01 Aug 2015
Joe Dunn
@martyfnday I think I'm entering the third act... 😕
01 Aug 2015
Irvsher Fabor
I was with 'Ex Machina' until the end. Don't know how I feel about it, the last act feels like a different movie from the rest.
01 Aug 2015
Kevin Gleason
So I just saw someone rent Paul blart one and two. Someone is in for a wild night!
01 Aug 2015