Fables by Bill Willingham & Miscellaneous - Fables is about all the characters you've read about in fairy tales... except they're real and living among us.

    I picked up the first issue way back when Fables first came out... but then I kinda forgot about the book when I couldn't find the second issue. Recently, I've been picking up the trades. Now that I'm caught up with the trades, I'm kinda sorry that I haven't been keeping up with the monthly issues because I want to know what happens!

    I've been listening to a band called Turin Brakes lately. They're a UK band and their sound has been described as "spacey folk", which is as odd as it is appropriate. If you're looking for a download, I'd suggest "Pain Killer".


    Are there any good movies in the theaters nowadays? I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Once in a blue moon, I'll have a Friday where I can sneak off during my lunch break at work and watch a movie. But I haven't done it yet. Not because I'm afraid of getting caught. But because there's nothing I want to pay money to see.

    Prison Break - Yeah, some of the stuff that goes on in this series you have to shut your brain off for. But it's nice to see how the titular plan comes together week to week. Plus John Doe is in it! (Not John Doe the actor, but rather John Doe from the cancelled show of the same name.)

    Veronica Mars - Yeah, it is up against the juggernaut that is Lost, but I love this show too. This show delivers a mystery week to week as well as an overall mystery for the season. It's so well designed it actually sickens me a little.


    The books on my one foot tall To Read stack by various - I have a habit of buying a lot faster than I'm able to read... so I have various books stacked that I have yet to read...

If there's a visual definition of "disappointment", it's opening a mystery box at a comic con.
01 Mar 2020
Joe Dunn
Me anytime Robert Patrick shows up in a movie: Who have you time traveled to murder this time?
12 Jul 2020
Irv Fabor
Conversation I just had with a resident. Me:...I have never been disrespectful to you as you are to me. Resident: Y...
09 Jul 2020