Kevin Gleason

Kevin Gleason is the writer and artist on Retail Rage. He lives in Wisconsin, which doesn't suck nearly as much as it sounds like, especially if you love cheese. He'd like to tell you more about himself, but he's too busy watching Law & Order, Family Guy and That 70's Show reruns.

Along with Retail Rage, he has also had stories appear in Tales from the Pimp #3, Mysterious Visions Anthology #1 and Potlatch 4, as well as two issues of the self-published just another name.

Questions, comments or critiques can be sent to

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@dernjg When did you send in your form? I'm still waiting to hear back.
25 Jun 2014
Joe Dunn
HANNIBAL completely shut out for best musical score. And after all that money they spent on obscure percussion instruments!!! #wth
10 Jul 2014
Irvsher Fabor
Workout kicked my ass this morning, and I had to do the sit-up routine twice! No more before bed beer for me thank you.
10 Jul 2014